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Introduction to Construction Skills

I regret not taking this opportunity sooner and would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is even considering a job within Construction!"

Luke Woodward - Introduction to Construction skills learner

Before enrolling on Axia's 'Introduction to Construction Skills' pre-employment course in April, Luke had mixed feelings about joining the 10 day on-line course....

"Due to the Covid-19 outbreak and the lack of interpersonal communication, I have to fully admit that I was a little reserved about an online course.

But from the very first meeting with Andrea (part of the Customer Care Team at Cidori, Axia's delivery partner) I was brought into a comfortable place, being able to talk and communicate in a welcoming environment with no need for excessive formality"

What did you like about the course?

Being able to talk before the course began about the contents of the course, as well as the questions I had asked, and got an immediate response to, was welcoming and very much appreciated.

Our tutor over Zoom was brilliant - very kind and patient, taking the time to answer everyone’s individual questions. He kept the course fresh and did not make it feel like work...made the environment very practical to be in. He got everyone talking to one another, discussing our ideas and thoughts on the course and workbooks."

How do you feel looking back on the course?

Huge thanks to everyone involved - without them and what they have managed to provide and do for me, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do this course, as well as the skills and certificates. Having taken this 10 day training course provided by Cidori and Axia, I am very grateful that I chose to do so."

Looking Ahead

I am leaving this course with far more than just a potential CSCS card, but certificates in Securing Employment, Digital Skills, Resilience and Perseverance, Waste Management and so forth

Tutor's View - Obi Salloo

Luke grew in confidence with each day... and participated in the group tasks, sharing ideas and supporting other learners in the class. Luke has shown a high level of commitment to the course, providing outstanding work - I wish Luke all the best in his future endeavours.

Quote Mark

What a great tribute, particularly to Andrea and Obi. We need all the patience and kindness we can get in these troubled times. This outcome demonstrates our vision: to deliver outstanding quality work-based learning that is effective and enhances life chances. Heartening to see we are succeeding in staying true to the message - thank you all so much for upholding the values and learning we are so keen to promote.

Paula Rowland - Axia Solutions Managing Director