Support & Guidance

Suppport & Guidance

At Axia we are trying ensure that our relationships with employers, employees, school leavers, those in search of a job and community partners is flexible and are built upon genuine satisfaction with the support, guidance and service we supply.

We are not interested in quick fixes or easy routes. We are committed to making a difference to our local and national businesses and community by building sustainable partnerships that will endure over time.

How Can We Help?


We can support you in the following ways:

Our Senior Team will complete a training needs analysis and free consultation with you to evaluate how training ‘will’ enhance your business performanceIf you want to link your appraisal system to meeting training needs we can also help with thisWe can offer advice an all aspects of the 2017 apprenticeship reforms; levy payments, small employer contributions, how to register on the Apprenticeship Service Website, New Standards and what they mean for you, 20% off the job training – what it really means?We can work with your existing workforce, including management teams, to explain the benefits of training, how it works and what your role might be. We are as equally happy to run informal Q & A session in the canteen as to present at a formal meeting.We can interview prospective apprentices for you, screening them through a rigorous selection procedure in order to find a suitable match for an apprenticeship vacancy. We will even place the advert on the Apprenticeship Service website on your behalf.If you want to improve the Maths and English skills of your employees we run on-site free training at any time of the day or night!We specialise in the training of Employees whose native language is not English. Our Tutors are specifically trained to help people overcome language barriers.  If you have training requirements not covered by Apprenticeship or Maths and English funding we can provide a quotation for you. See ‘Bespoke Training’.Support industry to raise the profile of your business to attract younger generations into the market place.

We run on-site free training at
any time of the day or night!

Those in search of a Job

We advertise a range of apprenticeship opportunities for local and national companies on the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) website.

Apply today and we will guarantee you a response.

Please call us if you wish to find out anything about the vacancy before you apply.

Local Community

One of Axia’s key focuses is to support the growth and prosperity of our local area. As part of this we are happy to:

Support industry to raise the profile of your business to attract younger generations into the market place. 

Provide local schools and colleges with careers advice and support for their learners. We will attend Open Days, Career Events, interview workshops – just contact our centre manager.

We are committed to the integration of all communities and are a happy to advise all citizens about how they might improve their job prospects.