Manufacturing hero

Manufacturing Apprenticeship Discovery Webinar

13th December - 3pm

The key to Lean Manufacturing is ensuring everyone involved understands the importance of Lean processes. With the LMO apprenticeship you can make sure that this begins from the ground up, supporting new team members to develop their understanding of Lean processes and unlock their potential.

By investing in your new team members you show them that you are committed to their development and want to support them early in their career. The 2023 Development Survey by the ISE shows that 61% of apprentices will stay with their employer for 5 years or more.

Join our employer discovery webinar to find out how investing in Lean Manufacturing Operatives could bring huge benefits to your company like:


Boosting Efficiency

LMO apprentices are supported to learn efficient and streamlined processes quickly, boosting their productivity and your efficiency


Improving Quality

ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 quality standards are built into the apprenticeship, meaning apprentices learn to minimise defects and focus on quality processes



LMO apprentices learn a wide range of manufacturing activities and become multi-skilled in a variety of processes to prepare, control, contribute and complete manufacturing operations.



One of the first things taught is Health and Safety to support your own internal procedures - apprentices learn the importance of PPE, maintaining an organised workspace, safe stopping and resetting machinery and more.

With the Lean Manufacturing Operative apprenticeship learners follow one of 4 pathways:

  • Production/Assembly
  • Inspection/Quality Assurance
  • Logistics/Material Handling
  • Production Processing/Finishing

Using these pathways we can tailor the course to your specific needs, supporting your apprentices to achieve the best results possible.