Wed 10th March 2021

Calm within the chaos - 5 minute meditation

2020 and 2021 have been difficult for many - the impact of Brexit and the worldwide pandemic has meant a great deal of uncertainty in life, particularly in the workplace. At Axia we have supported all of our learners through this difficult time and have been able to offer guidance and advice for any learners unduly impacted by the change in global circumstances.

Whilst we can offer practical support we are also committed to offering emotional and wellbeing support. As part of that effort we encourage the use of meditation and mindfulness in moments of difficulty and stress. Karen Pearson, a trainer on our L3 and L5 management courses is also a qualified Meditation teacher and she kindly agreed to put together a short 5 minute meditation session that encourages us all to take a step back from difficult and anxious situations and focus on calming ourselves, ready to tackle the issue at hand.

You can find the video here (audio only):

just-bee-meditation.jpg 5 minute meditation

If you are struggling with your mental health then please consider contacting one of the services below. Having good mental health helps us relax more, achieve more and enjoy our lives more.


· Samaritans

· Shout - a text message service


· Your GP or nearest A & E in the event of an emergency.