Wed 01st September 2021

Celebrating success with our Adult Education Budget Tender

Axia were one of just 86 training providers who were awarded funding to deliver vital Adult Education courses in the coming year.

We were also one of a handful of providers who were awarded the full value of their tender bid and, in a year like no other, we believe it's going to be critical in supporting the local area's economic recovery plans.

Outstanding Maths and English Functional Skills courses

We have a long history of delivering very successful Adult Education programmes in the local area, in particular with Functional Skills, and this award means we can continue that delivery for the benefit of Stoke and Staffordshire.

We work closely with large and small employers as well as local organisations like the Learning and Enterprise Partnership and JobCentre Plus to improve education and job opportunities in the area and get people into valuable and rewarding careers.

Delivering "Ready for Work" programmes

Being awarded our full tender value also means we can carry forward our close partnership delivering Pre-Employment Training with Cidori. These programmes are developed and delivered alongside employers, to make sure that the course fits with local skills gaps and job vacancies as part of a Sector-based Work Academy Programme (SWAP).

This helps to remove barriers to work for the learners and lays the foundations for working in a completely new sector. Sally Worral took the "Introduction to Construction" programme and had this to say:

"Cidori and Axia Solutions have made it so easy for me to begin the journey to a career in Construction. The sign up was simple and communication between me and the programme runners was easy and professional."

We will work tirelessly to deliver our vision for Adult Education

Axia Managing Director, Paula Rowland said:

"Axia has an excellent track record for Adult Education delivery locally and our new partnership with Cidori has continued that, particularly for pre-employment training. We were very confident of success when we submitted our tender bid because everything was backed up by a long history of great results.

We're delighted to have received the full value of our bid as it allows us to deliver on our vision for Adult Education provision locally; providing high quality training and opportunities for those who need it. We have already started programmes under this new funding and will work tirelessly to meet the high targets we've set over the coming year."