COVID 19 Update

A message to our employers and Learners

We wanted to let you know, that here at Axia we are working extremely hard to do everything we can during these uncertain and challenging times to ensure that we continue providing our customers and learners with a robust service. It is of real importance to us that we do not let employers or learners down and we appreciate that over the next few months you will be keen to continue with training. The development of skills is going to be more important than ever now and in the future and is likely to offer a sense of normality and a focus on better times ahead.

With this in mind we have introduced a contingency plan to support all learners whilst face to face contact is not possible. All of our staff are geared up to work from home and provide remote support and training via email, One File, a variety of on-line platforms, video conferencing and telephone conversations. We are confident that in this way learning can be sustained and will be highly effective.

If this is to be successful it is vital that learners communicate with us from either the work place or at home. We are happy to offer guidance on how you can access learning and support whatever your current level of ability in digital applications. You will be able to undertake learning around acquisition of Skills, Knowledge and Behaviours and Maths and English. Work can be submitted, marked and feedback provided and learners can make genuine progress towards completion of programmes. Over time we hope to be able to offer remote examinations and End Point assessments but we currently await awarding body and EPA guidance on this.

We would ask that Employers support employees to continue with regular contact with their Work Based Trainer or Functional Skill Tutor.

If you need any assistance please don’t hesitate in contacting

Further updates will follow as events unfold but in the meantime thank you for your patience and co-operation.