Thu 19th April 2018

Inspirational story from one of our DHL Functional Skills Learners!

Karolina Ignatowicz, a Polish worker with DHL, enrolled on our Functional skills English course last September. 

She has achieved English Entry level 3 and progressed to achieve Level 1. She is now studying English Level 2. (G.C.S.E. Level)

This has enabled her to use her new skills to become a volunteer in a local primary school helping Polish children to learn English.

Karolina has written this to tell us her story:

"I am working as a volunteer in a local primary school .I really like this work even if it is for free. I can help the children gain knowledge and wisdom. I decided one day to do something important in life. Not just for me but for other people.

I saw that one school in my area needed volunteers. I applied and achieved my goal.

I work every Saturday. We are learning the alphabet, spelling and the syllabus. We work in groups and have a lot of fun.

I feel that I’m doing something important for these children and that I can be an example for how you can achieve in life.

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