Tue 09th February 2021

National Apprenticeship Week - Chris Clark, Steelite.

“Lockdown has been a difficult period of our lives”

We asked Chris who is currently completing a Management L5 Apprenticeship at Steelite to comment on his life over lockdown. Initially, I was perturbed by the prospect of commencing my apprenticeship course not only from home but through the virtual medium of video calls. Historically, I have showcased a proclivity to indulge in self-deprecation, bore from an incessant desire to succeed when faced with new challenges. The early interactions with my WBT were crucial.

My Work Based trainer’s exuberance for the journey ahead was infectious. Although laden with possible difficulties a clear plan was in place, a map outlining the way forward to achieve our course objectives. With ever growing concerns for the new world we found ourselves in, the course afforded me the perfect tonic in refocusing my energy. My acuity levels for course involvement at an all-time high. I had numerous knowledge tasks to get my teeth stuck into. The materials provided were of excellent quality. Learning was not just course necessity; I was enjoying it. The synergy around our group workshops a notable plus, team engagement very much in play.

I am extremely proud of the personal tangible development I have undergone during the first year of my apprenticeship course. The support I have received from the many is the big prerequisite to my success. Lockdown has been a difficult period of our lives for many different reasons, but there are positives to extract. We understand the very essence of what it takes to be good human beings once more. I sincerely offer an inordinate amount of adulation to my support team. All achieved in unprecedented transient times. Axia have mastered the notion of evolving and never once at the detriment of their students. I applaud them for that.

Cathie Lalley, his WBT said this: Chris was seconded to a different part of the company to revise the health and safety policies and procedures to bring them in line with legal requirements. As a leader of change Chris has embraced the challenge and the difficulties of being remote from his line manager, introduced new processes, and had a successful external audit. He is above target, embracing the new knowledge and adding value to the company already.