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Get the operational support your Sustainability Lead needs.

A facilities management apprentice can help meet your climate change objectives

The Department for Education has set ambitious targets for schools and colleges to reduce their carbon emissions and become more sustainable.

A facilities management supervisor apprenticeship is a great way to gain the skills and knowledge your school, college or Trust needs to meet these challenges and also shows your investment in staff development.

In addition to driving sustainability initiatives and supporting the development of your climate action plan they will deliver all of the duties you would expect of a Facilities or Site Supervisor.


Education settings account for 37% of Public Sector building emissions. The government have committed to reduce total emissions by 75%


All schools and colleges must have a Climate Action Plan in place and a nominated sustainability lead by 2025


The DfE intends to re-build 500 schools and colleges to be net-zero in the next 10 years

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Apprenticeship Modules linked to the Climate Action Plan

  • Sustainable Management & Maintenance of School Buildings
  • Cost Reduction & Efficient Resource Usage
  • Budget Management & Internal Finance
  • Legislation and Compliance Systems
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Team Leading, Mentoring & Coaching Skills

Flexible & Tailored

The apprenticeship course is designed to be flexible, allowing apprentices to study alongside their new or existing roles. It is also tailored to the specific needs of your setting and the apprentice's existing knowledge.

Facilities Management Supervisor Course Documents

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