Operations Manager

Operations Manager

We are giving employers the chance to become a part of our highly successful apprenticeship programme, where all apprentices will:

  • Gain a level 5 in management, developing the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to be effective in the workplace.
  • Develop a range of personal skills that will both improve workplace performance and build self confidence.
  • Study English and Maths, gaining a functional skills qualification (up to Level 2).
  • Receive advice and guidance on how to progress onto higher level qualifications and improve career prospects.

Awarding Body: CMI

Level 5

Delivered in the workplace at a time that suits you.

Entry Requirements

Ideally you should have a minimum of grade C (4) in both Maths and English. If you do not hold these minimum grades, you will be assessed on your ability to complete the programme and will undertake Functional Skills classes to improve your skills.

Benefits of an Apprenticeship

Higher Apprenticeships are for people who have moved into operational management or into specialised administrative functions. These apprenticeships can be used to develop talent from within the existing workforce or to support the training of graduates entering employment.

The benefits include:

earning a salarygetting paid holidaysreceiving traininggaining experiencelearning job-specific skills


The career development that would be gained from these apprenticeships would show commitment to the employer as well as a drive for personal and team development. This would surely improve your chances of career progression.

Initial Assessment

You will receive an Induction and Initial Assessment to determine your individual training needs.

What is required?

Operational Management - Understand operational management approaches and models, including creating plans to deliver objectives and setting KPIs. Understand business development tools (eg SWOT), and approaches to continuous improvement. Understand operational business planning techniques, including how to manage resources, development of sales and marketing plans, setting targets and monitoring performance. Knowledge of management systems, processes and contingency planning. Understand how to initiate and manage change by identifying barriers and know how to overcome them. Understand data security and management, and the effective use of technology in an organisation.

Project Management - Know how to set up and manage a project using relevant tools and techniques, and understand process management. Understand approaches to risk management.

Interpersonal Excellence – managing people and developing relationships

Understand different leadership styles, how to lead multiple and remote teams and manage team leaders. Know how to motivate and improve performance, supporting people using coaching and mentoring approaches. Understand organisational cultures and diversity and their impact on leading and managing change. Know how to delegate effectively.

Course Content

On completion, apprentices can register as full members with the Chartered Management Institute and/or the Institute of Leadership & Management, and those with 3 years’ of management experience can apply for Chartered Manager status through the CMI